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  2. Already try, but still not working.. do you think my hash board already broken?
  3. hi, hazrin did you save your previous settings when installing our firmware? Try to clean install without saving your current settings.
  4. Need help. Why my t9+ miner do not show hashboard.. what is the problem? Thank you.. this is my kernel log https://pastebin.com/mMknJW9W
  5. i m doing immersion cooling does your firmware support on disable fan or fan check if i remove
  6. Здравствуйте, включите в настройках immersion mode - on
  7. Здравствуйте. Как можно настроить вашу прошивку для s9 с БП 1600 в иммерсионке? На стандартной прошивке пробовал в место кулеров поставить обманки но все равно показывает check fan
  8. Up to 85 Th/s but you need to aware that the temperature is can't be above than 100C. For profile you are using right now, your hottest chip is showing 75C.
  9. I'm getting 65Mh/s. Is it possible to have more with air cooling?
  10. Hi, it seems everything goes right. Your chips are working at almost 100% of their potential. What HR do you have now?
  11. Hi, so i did. can you confirm that Maximum upscale profile is OK or i have to disable it? Do you have any parameters suggestions? Thanks for your help! Down below the stack of trace [2021/01/31 20:45:38] INFO: =[ Tuner ]============================== [2021/01/31 20:45:38] INFO: Starting auto-tuning [2021/01/31 20:45:38] INFO: Preset: Profile 60Th @ 625MHz [2021/01/31 20:45:38] INFO: Detecting mininum voltage [2021/01/31 20:45:52] INFO: Stopping auto-tuning [2021/01/31 20:46:05] INFO: =[ Tuner ]============================== [2021/01/31 20:46:05] INFO: S
  12. Hi, for first i will recommend you to use autotune instead of choosing profile. This process can take up to for few hours. After finishing this process your asic will work much efficiently. Increasing temperature for pcbs/chips more than 100c will increase a chance of damaging your hardware.
  13. I do thing find what to do, choosing the profile from "Mining Profiles", now testing 67Mh/S...what is the limit for air cooling, knowing that here the temperature is about 19-20C° for air that miner gets?
  14. I have pushed the "Reset" and also pushed the "IP report", cutting the power. After that i got the the IP and the miner got a version from may 2019. So i have continued the installation and finally i got the S17 2.0.3 vnish. But i'm getting a very low hashrate, only 1800Gh/s. What have i to do to reach at least 61-63Mh/s that i had before upgrating? Thank you for you advise.
  15. Hello, I'm trying to downgrade the firmware ot a S17 PRO version nov 2019 but after putting the SD Card and waitting 30 minutes nothing happends. two lights stay up... What i can do, removing the card the miner stay invisible for the network. Thank you
  16. Hi there. I want to install BixBit Frimware on T9i and it dosent work on it! how i can slove it?
  17. Hi, do you intend to do a firmware for S9SE version ? if yes, have you an estimated date for release ? I would love to use your firmware on my miners :-)
  18. Hi thanks for answer me When I'm using this firmware that commission is monthly?
  19. Hello radom, there is no need to pay additional payment. When you are using this firmware commission does automatically from your current HR.
  20. Hello thanks I read before that the firmware cost is 1,8%, but that cost is just one paymant, or that is montly? And how I can make the payment
  21. Hi, Julian. Check your log file, it seems your asic is overheated.
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