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  1. hi, hazrin did you save your previous settings when installing our firmware? Try to clean install without saving your current settings.
  2. Здравствуйте, включите в настройках immersion mode - on
  3. Up to 85 Th/s but you need to aware that the temperature is can't be above than 100C. For profile you are using right now, your hottest chip is showing 75C.
  4. Hi, it seems everything goes right. Your chips are working at almost 100% of their potential. What HR do you have now?
  5. Hi, for first i will recommend you to use autotune instead of choosing profile. This process can take up to for few hours. After finishing this process your asic will work much efficiently. Increasing temperature for pcbs/chips more than 100c will increase a chance of damaging your hardware.
  6. Hello radom, there is no need to pay additional payment. When you are using this firmware commission does automatically from your current HR.
  7. Hi, Julian. Check your log file, it seems your asic is overheated.
  8. Hi, Daniel. Try to recover your ASIC firmware by using SD-card. You can find IMG file at the top of this topic.
  9. Здравствуйте, не сброс до заводских настроек, а восстановление прошивки через sd-карту. Образ прошивки в первом сообщении. p.s. У вас вирус
  10. Hi, Julian. Check the first page > If the firmware of your device was released after August 2019, you need to install the earlier version before upgrading to BiXBiT firmware. ( To find your current version check the system tab )
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