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  2. You need to unlock ssh, before updating. There are two ways to run bat: install windows using VM, or bootcamp; ask someone who have windows to help you.
  3. Yes I extracted the files first and then updated settings.cfg, I am using MacOS so I cannot use the bat files. So after updating settings.cfg what do I have upload to Mining rig.
  4. Inside archive you can find installation manual. Please, extract files first
  5. No I did no, upload the following file: antminer_s17pro-bixbit.zip should I upload as a tar? and can you send detail instructions? Thanks
  6. Hi, do you extract files from the Zip archive?
  7. Hello, When I try to update S17Pro 56TH Miner with latest firmware, I am getting the following error: Please advise as to what I am doing wrong. It looks like I am not using the correct tarfile. Thanks
  8. Last week
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  10. Hi, firmware for + and E series will be added soon.
  11. Hello, can I use latest firmware on Bitmain S17 Pro 56TH? If not, when will the firmware be available? Thanks.
  12. Hi Will this firmware work with a Bitmain T17e version? Thanks.
  13. Hi, Seems like the problem is with equipment itself, have you tried to hand it to repair service?
  14. Hi, profile that have being used is running on other asics and working properly. Profile as follows: 1.hash rate set on 14.7 Th/s for 1800 Watt original Bitmain PSU with Asic boost turn on in the Viabtc pool. 2.fan chek is on. 3.restart if chain have more than X set on 5 in other asic and 0 in almost thats. Other optional setting set on bixbit's default. screen shot from mining profiles configuration was attached. BR
  15. Hi, seems your asic is broken. Can you tell me what profile did you use before the incident?
  16. Hi, attached full kernel log. I replace the PSU,main board and fan also change the position of flat cable between main board and hashboards but the asic not working. BR 25-1-2020_19.11.txt
  17. Hi, guys. There is no firmware for + models. We wait it in a few weeks, maybe a bit more.
  18. what is the wattage of Antminer S17 pro (53 th) after immersion and overclock firmware is applied to miner?
  19. Hi my T9+ asic is running on bixbit in the air, recently the timer of status miner stoped on 14sec and miner is inactive in Viabtc pool, what's problem? in kernal log the num of asics are on the each chain count 0
  20. Yes pls could you let us know if this will work with the S17+ too? thanks again!
  21. Hi Will this firmware work with a Bitmain T17+ version? Thanks.
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