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  2. tnx for feedback and report, but me and maki need bitbix os image to run from sd-card , plz help tanx
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  4. Hi, guys. https://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/Recovery_S9_3.8.6.bixbit.img https://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/Recovery_T9+_3.8.6.bixbit.img
  5. hi and tnx for feed back, i was downgrade my somes s9j miners with t9-+ recovery and after update bixbit but now some sames miner after downgrade i cant acces and run controller plz help its very importent i have now many miner with faild recovery firmware what i should do?
  6. hi i need the version bixbit.img that i'll flash with sd card
  7. Greetings fellow miners! BiXBiT Firmware User Manual is now available in English >> (.pdf attached) We hope it will help resolving most of the common issues on the subject. Elsewise, feel free to ask questions down below. BiXBiT Firmware User Manual, rev1.pdf
  8. Can you share your experience with other members?)
  9. Yes I can although I don't see why you can't just tell me how to do it. Kindly message me on WhatsApp. I have messaged you my number. Thanks
  10. Hi, can you give access to your device using teamviewer?
  11. I'm trying to flash my T9+ also with the bixbit firmware. I get the signature can't be found error. I have tried the recovery mode method and doesn't seem to work. I have pasted the bixbit firmware on my sd card zipped and unzipped. I've switched to jp4 and left nothing but the control board PSU plugged in and sd card only. The red and green light just stay solid. They don't blink as I read online and I waited a good 5 minutes just to mak sure. Still nothing. Please can someone help me. What am I doing wrong? I need to deploy these to 100 pieces which I have asap.
  12. Thanks dude. But it's not 3.8.6 version, it's 3.8.5 link posted at the first page of this topic.
  13. Hi, Jose. Sorry for long delay with answer. Check the status of your chips. Are they green? Please, share your kernel log.
  14. Hi, I can't meake to work one of my S9 at 1590 / 16.5 Ths. It has been restarting for two days. What can I do? Thanks
  15. Hi, It's runing now. However I choose 16.5 Ths and it stay at 15.6ths. Is there something I should do to make higher? Thanks
  16. Cool. I will leave it at 1580 watts / 16.5ths and let it run until it fix all th chips. Thanks
  17. I am runing a APW3++ PSU.. So, Should I leave it restarting for 2 hrs untill it fix all the chips? Thanks
  18. This is very low. What psu do you have? If you have 1600w - yes. Just use preset and let it finish autotune process.
  19. Hi, right now is running without presets and it's working stable however is running at 13ths and I am paying the fee. So, should I select the 1580 watts / 16.5 Ths preset and let it run for 2 hrs restarting? Thanks
  20. Hi, Jose. Try to use built-in presets for your PSU instead. Let me explain one thing. Autotune will also start to work after you enable preset. This happens because the firmware needs to check all your chips to be sure they can work on the settings you are trying to enable. If not, chips will be automatically fixed and the ASIC will be rebooted. Otherwise your ASIC will work inefficient. This process can get up to 2 hrs.
  21. Hi, So, the autotune should be off? I am trying to run 16.5 Ths with the stock Bitmain power supply. What should I do? Attached the kernel-log. 17-7-2019_20.45.txt
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