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  3. Всем привет! Умные люди подскажите пож.,каким способом возможно установить вашу прошивку на s9 , если на асик была ранее установлена последняя версия оригинальной прошивки от битмаин с закрытым SSH портом (Antminer-S9-xilinx-201907311618-autofreq-user-Update2UBI-NF-sig.tar.gz)-? Хочу пояснить ,что через sd-карту установить какую либо прошивку не получается . Предполагаю,что функцию работы слота sd- заблокировано вирусом .При этом хочу заметить ,что несколько устройств в одной сети с проблемными асиками удалось прошить с sd-карты без проблем . Спасибо!
  4. Isn’t there a faster way? Cause i have alot of miners @BiXBiT
  5. Hi, try try flash your asic by using image for SD-card
  6. Здравствуйте, все установочные файлы, включая инструкцию лежат в архиве.
  7. The virus is on my S9 and i tried bitmain antivirus it doesn’t kill the virus it just says antvirus fail
  8. hi please help i can't post a topic so im writing hear i have a virus on my miners i cant install any firmware . it says success when i install bixbit firmware but nothing happens i changed the ip with no luck so i need bixbit anti virus firmware to remove the virus can anybody help please ?
  9. Is there a new version at the moment? I see you removed the versions changes post. I am on version 1.0.0.
  10. А архив где в другом месте находится? Можете дать ссылку конкретно на файл tag.az?
  11. Здравствуйте, все установочные файлы, включая инструкцию лежат в архиве.
  12. Добрый день. Не смог установить прошивку. Ругается на кодировку в utf-8. Нужен файл tag.az. а при скачивании файл выходит в zip.
  13. hi again, i thinke the remsig patch is not work with 30th jul update, and it's just work with 11 jul update. i tried both: File System Version :Tue Jul 30 20:56:54 CST 2019 > no success File System Version :Thu Jul 11 12:09:36 CST 2019 > success
  14. hi again, I know the process , and I've used it before, but currently it's not possible , because when i upload the remsig patch i see a blank page with system upgrade failed I used to see another page with a back button that i was able to continue the process to upload bixbit firmware.
  15. Hi, after using patch you need to upload firmware without refreshing the page.
  16. Try to use the remsig patch, after upload gave this error:(in a blank page with bold font) System Upgrade Failed. and after refresh the page : tar: invalid magic tar: short read tar: invalid magic tar: short read Cannot Find Signature!!! my firmware report: Miner Type Antminer T9+ Hostname antMiner Model GNU/Linux Hardware Version Kernel Version Linux 3.14.0-xilinx-g16220c3 #83 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 12 11:42:53 CST 2018 File System Version Wed Jul 31 16:20:36 CST 2019 Logic Version V3.57
  17. Hi Frozenwave, I don’t really understand why are you trying to flash with sd-card. If you have problem with signature check, you need to flash your asic with remsig patch, and right after with our firmware.
  18. Can someone explain me hot to install firmware from sd? I have download SD image, flash it to sd card with echer, changed fuse on s9 board. When I powered it up and opened ip web address it loaded some board repair page. I was trying to find how to get firmware but without success. when I took out SD card and return fuse to normal and login to ip address with browser I could see bixbit firmware but I couldn't do anything because I got offline status
  19. Hi, Ini. No, and i can't tell you estimated time.
  20. Hello, As I and others plan for the halving in May I plan to purchase S19Pro, Do you have update on firmware for S19Pro, ETA? Thanks, Ini
  21. Hi, Eddie. It all depends on the quality of the chips and the air temperature. Under ideal conditions, overclocking for air cooling is not inferior to overclocking for immersion cooling and reaches 80 th/s for S17 and up to 60 th/s for T17 Anyway, when the critical temperature is reached, the devices will turn off automatically, so do not worry that your device can be damaged due to overclocking
  22. @BiXBiT What are the highest air-cooled hashrates we can achieve with S17 and T17 with current firmware and preset profiles. I'm asking for somewhat of a safe speed, like the 16.5Th/s on the S9 model with your firmware, which is very stable for me? I know the S9 is limited to 16.5Th/s by the original bitmain APW of 1600W, so whats the limitation of the S17 and T17 in terms of power supply and aircooling capability? Thank you!
  23. This is normal process. Don't worry
  24. Glad to help. Around 2 hours, and i strongly recommend you to finish this process without interrupting. I see your frequency is 450, this is very low. Use profile and then complete autotune to make your ASIC works at maximum performance.
  25. The miner fan noise goes up and down and is not consistent is this caused by the auto-tuning feature? is this normal operation? Also is there a way to disable auto-tuning? Thanks, Ini
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