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  2. Hi, It's runing now. However I choose 16.5 Ths and it stay at 15.6ths. Is there something I should do to make higher? Thanks
  3. Last week
  4. Cool. I will leave it at 1580 watts / 16.5ths and let it run until it fix all th chips. Thanks
  5. I am runing a APW3++ PSU.. So, Should I leave it restarting for 2 hrs untill it fix all the chips? Thanks
  6. This is very low. What psu do you have? If you have 1600w - yes. Just use preset and let it finish autotune process.
  7. Hi, right now is running without presets and it's working stable however is running at 13ths and I am paying the fee. So, should I select the 1580 watts / 16.5 Ths preset and let it run for 2 hrs restarting? Thanks
  8. Hi, Jose. Try to use built-in presets for your PSU instead. Let me explain one thing. Autotune will also start to work after you enable preset. This happens because the firmware needs to check all your chips to be sure they can work on the settings you are trying to enable. If not, chips will be automatically fixed and the ASIC will be rebooted. Otherwise your ASIC will work inefficient. This process can get up to 2 hrs.
  9. Hi, So, the autotune should be off? I am trying to run 16.5 Ths with the stock Bitmain power supply. What should I do? Attached the kernel-log. 17-7-2019_20.45.txt
  10. Hi, Jose. It’s seems autotune works, that’s why your ASIC keep restarting. Can you share autotune log, and kernel-log?
  11. The mining presets are disabled and it still keep restarting.
  12. Hi. I made it work it up. However It keeps restarting at 1330watts/ 15ths.. Any idea why? It stay up for 2 minutes and it restart.
  13. Hello, what its the max TH can reach with T9+ and PSU 1800W ?
  14. Try to clean your browser cache, or open your asic interface in the private mode.
  15. Ok, let me clean the cache. When I just the IP address it open up however when I try to get into miner status I got the 404 error.
  16. Hi, Jose. Your problem in the cache of your browser and explained below. You need to delete everything in the address field of your browser except your ip-address and then click enter
  17. Hi, Last night I flash the firmware to my S9 and it reboot but it doesn't change to Bitfix. The only difference I see now is the frequency option at the miner configuration. However its till showing Bitmain logo on the left top. Also, It doesn't let me to get to miner configuration because I got 404 error. I tried to re flashed it few times and it's still the same. Any idea? Thanks
  18. Earlier
  19. Which Antminer will have this issue? I have few S9 13ths.
  20. Hi, Saadat. You can find actual version from the link posted at the first page of this topic.
  21. Hi to all, Where can i download Bixbit 3.8.6 new firmware for T9+? I have a problem with Devfee error.
  22. Hi, saeed00. Unfortunately, our firmware works only with S9, S9i, S9j and T9+
  23. hi, have u any firmware for old T9 12 tH ?? to 20 th
  24. Hi is this software compatible with antminer T9 12.5 TH/S?
  25. Здравствуйте, пожалуйста, прикрепляйте kernel-log к сообщению с проблемой. Пример: Выставил 800 ват, АСИК перезагружается. К сообщению прикрепил kernel-log. По другому выявить проблему, практически не возможно. По поводу температуры. Критическая температура заложенная BITMAIN 105 градусов. Это я к тому, что 80 слишком низкая температура. Anthill, в данный момент, действительно не поддерживает т9+ http://prntscr.com/oc5uuu
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