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  1. I have a bad news - you have 0 chips on the boards. For first try to plug and then unplug cable from the socket, if nothing happens try to do the same with your boards. But before this I’m highly recommend you to observate your hashboards, if something looks not pretty well, you need to show it engineers. We hope your device wells good, and keep up working after our recommends.
  2. At this moment - there is no different. If you live in Iran, you can use both.
  3. I just forgot to ask. Did you try to fix this problem using following instruction?
  4. Hi, parfexam. Currently we can't help you with this problem. When developers will fix it, we will make an announce.
  5. Здравствуйте, какая версия прошивки у вас стоит?
  6. Здравствуйте, во-первых старайтесь обновлять прошивку. У вас стоит версия 3.8.5, актуальная 3.8.6. Сообщите, пожалуйста, температуру чипов. Попробуйте, как предлагает пользователь iivanov, отключить проверку оборотов кулера. Сообщите о результатах.
  7. Hi, the links i gave are img-s to update from SD-card
  8. Hi, guys. https://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/Recovery_S9_3.8.6.bixbit.img https://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/Recovery_T9+_3.8.6.bixbit.img
  9. Can you share your experience with other members?)
  10. Hi, can you give access to your device using teamviewer?
  11. Hi, Jose. Sorry for long delay with answer. Check the status of your chips. Are they green? Please, share your kernel log.
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