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  1. Hi, guys. https://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/Recovery_S9_3.8.6.bixbit.img https://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/Recovery_T9+_3.8.6.bixbit.img
  2. Can you share your experience with other members?)
  3. Hi, can you give access to your device using teamviewer?
  4. Hi, Jose. Sorry for long delay with answer. Check the status of your chips. Are they green? Please, share your kernel log.
  5. This is very low. What psu do you have? If you have 1600w - yes. Just use preset and let it finish autotune process.
  6. Hi, Jose. Try to use built-in presets for your PSU instead. Let me explain one thing. Autotune will also start to work after you enable preset. This happens because the firmware needs to check all your chips to be sure they can work on the settings you are trying to enable. If not, chips will be automatically fixed and the ASIC will be rebooted. Otherwise your ASIC will work inefficient. This process can get up to 2 hrs.
  7. Hi, Jose. It’s seems autotune works, that’s why your ASIC keep restarting. Can you share autotune log, and kernel-log?
  8. Try to clean your browser cache, or open your asic interface in the private mode.
  9. Hi, Jose. Your problem in the cache of your browser and explained below. You need to delete everything in the address field of your browser except your ip-address and then click enter
  10. Hi, Saadat. You can find actual version from the link posted at the first page of this topic.
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