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  1. Hi Frozenwave, I don’t really understand why are you trying to flash with sd-card. If you have problem with signature check, you need to flash your asic with remsig patch, and right after with our firmware.
  2. Hi, Ini. No, and i can't tell you estimated time.
  3. Hi, Eddie. It all depends on the quality of the chips and the air temperature. Under ideal conditions, overclocking for air cooling is not inferior to overclocking for immersion cooling and reaches 80 th/s for S17 and up to 60 th/s for T17 Anyway, when the critical temperature is reached, the devices will turn off automatically, so do not worry that your device can be damaged due to overclocking
  4. This is normal process. Don't worry
  5. Glad to help. Around 2 hours, and i strongly recommend you to finish this process without interrupting. I see your frequency is 450, this is very low. Use profile and then complete autotune to make your ASIC works at maximum performance.
  6. Hi, you need to flash your firmware by using SD-card. Instruction: Download the archive with the firmware image, links: for S17/S17Pro http://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/S17_SD_Recovery.rar for T17 http://bixbit.io/assets/firmware/T17_SD_Recovery.rar Extract the archive files to the root of SD card Unplug the ASIC from the power source and insert SD card into it Turn on the ASIC - two lights will light up Wait until the ASIC appears in the network with a new IP address Remove the SD card Check whether the firmware version has changed Unlock SSH according to the firmware instructions
  7. Seems, ASIC is on your network, can you also show your ini settings ?
  8. Hi, Ini. Try to ping your device from the VM machine. Ping YOUR_ASIC_IP -t make a screenshot and attach it to your post.
  9. You need to unlock ssh, before updating. There are two ways to run bat: install windows using VM, or bootcamp; ask someone who have windows to help you.
  10. Inside archive you can find installation manual. Please, extract files first
  11. Hi, do you extract files from the Zip archive?
  12. Hi, firmware for + and E series will be added soon.
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