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  1. Hello, As I and others plan for the halving in May I plan to purchase S19Pro, Do you have update on firmware for S19Pro, ETA? Thanks, Ini
  2. The miner fan noise goes up and down and is not consistent is this caused by the auto-tuning feature? is this normal operation? Also is there a way to disable auto-tuning? Thanks, Ini
  3. Thank you that worked and I was able to install firmware. So my next question is how long does it take for auto-tuning process to complete?
  4. Please see miner information for S17 Pro 56TH model. { "minertype":"Antminer S17 Pro", "nettype":"DHCP", "netdevice":"eth0", "hostname":"antMiner", "ipaddress":"", "netmask":"", "gateway":"", "dnsservers":"", "curtime":"14:48:01", "uptime":"1", "loadaverage":"0.05, 0.16, 0.17", "mem_total":"233744", "mem_used":"126676", "mem_free":"107068", "mem_buffers":"1196", "mem_cached":"0", "system_mode":"GNU/Linux", "ant_hwv":"", "system_kernel_version":"Linux 4.6.0-xilinx-gff8137b-dirty #25 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 23 15:30:52 CST 2018", "system_filesystem_version":"Wed Dec 25 09:47:07 CST 2019", "cgminer_version":"1.0.0" }
  5. I installed Windows VM and I set the VM to thesame network as the S17pro miners. I get Antminer not found even though the IP Range is correct and password is also correct. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Yes I extracted the files first and then updated settings.cfg, I am using MacOS so I cannot use the bat files. So after updating settings.cfg what do I have upload to Mining rig.
  7. No I did no, upload the following file: antminer_s17pro-bixbit.zip should I upload as a tar? and can you send detail instructions? Thanks
  8. Hello, When I try to update S17Pro 56TH Miner with latest firmware, I am getting the following error: Please advise as to what I am doing wrong. It looks like I am not using the correct tarfile. Thanks
  9. Hello, can I use latest firmware on Bitmain S17 Pro 56TH? If not, when will the firmware be available? Thanks.
  10. what is the wattage of Antminer S17 pro (53 th) after immersion and overclock firmware is applied to miner?
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